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Data Protection

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Cyber Security


JNJ Technology was founded with the confidence to provide customized technological solutions at an affordable price. Our goal is to remove the intimidation felt when facing new technology and business infrastructure upgrades. The JNJ team has experience in all aspects of IT support for every business platform. We pride ourselves on leveraging our diverse knowledge to ensure the products and support packages are right for our customers. Through decades of experience and an understanding of how your business operates, we can suggest how to increase efficiency utilizing state of the art technology solutions.

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Your Network is more than just computers and smartphones. Your network management should be too.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the complete protection of computer systems and networks from the ground up. If left unsecured, these systems are vulnerable to damaging attacks including information, software or classified data theft, as well as potential damage to hardware or software. Businesses that do not have a complete cyber security management system are at increased risk of business interruption or loss of business.

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Data Protection

Businesses can’t survive without their data, so data storage in multiple locations is crucial for recovery. JNJ offers data protection plans that ensure protection against attacks and data loss. Cloud and web based storage plans are available for secure data storage. Data attacks such as ransomware attacks are surging. Once a hacker has control of sensitive data, there is no way to get it back. Prevention is the best way to keep data safe.

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