Benefits of Using a Password Manager

A Password Manager is an easy and safe way to keep private data secure and handy. Password Managers allow you to store sensitive data, like passwords, in an encrypted database protected by a master password. 

Instead of typing in a different password for each account, your master password will provide access to the appropriate login information. Keep reading for more benefits of using a password manager.


Stronger Passwords

Since you will only need to remember one master password, you will be able to use stronger, more complicated passwords for your accounts. Additionally, password managers have the ability to generate random passwords for increased security. These completely randomized passwords are harder to crack than those off the top of your head.


Easy Login

How many times have you clicked the Forgot Password button in your lifetime? There’s no better way to kill productivity than having to stop and find passwords each time you come across a login page. 

Password managers eliminate wasted time by populating the necessary information when needed.


Shared Accounts

Many people share access to a single account with their friends, family, or coworkers. Password managers allow you to easily share and change passwords accordingly. 

While it is generally not recommended to give away your personal passwords, a password manager can help you easily track, add, or remove access from specific individuals. Some managers can even provide access to others without revealing the actual password used.


Access through Multiple Devices

Most password managers can be accessed across multiple devices, which is increasingly important as mobile devices become a part of the workplace. Easily switch from one device to another without the risk of any downtime.

With a Password Manager, you’ll never see a login error page again. Right now, our password manager suggestions are: LastPass, KeePass, and Dashlane.For more cybersecurity training or information, contact the professionals at JNJ Technology.