Thank you for the important work you do to make the world a better place. JNJ Technology wants your mission to flourish, and we know that simply isn’t possible without IT Support. We’re here to help. Our packages for nonprofit organizations provide you the technology support with the resources and tools that your mission deserves and needs.


There are many different levels of IT support. Some work purely on a break/fix basis. Every business has different IT support requirements. That makes defining what you really need an important part of the selection process. Small business owners need customized support. Whether you want all around IT support or you just want desktop monitoring we can help you. We take a look at your business and will give you options for all necessary support.


Large company operations need to run smooth and efficient. These are high priorities for every business owner. The right technology can take your company to the next level by providing tools and capabilities to achieve your goals. However, choosing the right systems for your business and budget can be a daunting task. Technology solutions and support options change by the minute. JNJ Technology can provide you with cost-effective solutions that make sense for your business. We stand by our support and are always available when you need us.


Protecting your network information is important for government agencies. Unauthorized access and attacks on your network are constant threats to your network’s security. Our network security solutions for government agencies provide you with the necessary security to keep your sensitive data out of the hands of unauthorized users. We are fully insured and can provide you with the confidence that your agencies data is protected.