Signs Your Computer Is Infected

A computer virus can cause significant damage to programs, delete files, and reformat or erase your hard drive entirely. If you notice any of the following issues, you don’t want to wait long before diagnosing and treating the problem.

Pop-Up Windows

Some pop-ups encountered on the web are legitimate ads, however, others may contain links to malicious websites or phishing scams. If the pop-up requires permission from the computer or attempts to download, be weary of moving forward.    

Random Sounds

Viruses will typically try to disguise the error and warning messages they trigger by automatically hiding their windows. However, if you regularly hear beeps or chimes coming from your computer, this could be a sign of harmful pop-ups and downloads.

Social Media/Email Spam

One way viruses will attempt to spread is generating fake social media posts or emails to draw attention from your close network. Check your email’s outbox for any messages you didn’t send and alert your friends to ignore these messages in order to avoid becoming the next victim.

Slow Performance

If your seemingly otherwise unharmed computer starts to operate significantly slower or takes longer to start up, it could be due to a virus affecting the operating system.

Poor Battery

Similar to viruses among humans, a computer virus is likely to spread. As the virus multiplies, it requires more resources from your computer and creates more background activity, resulting in diminished battery life.

Low Storage

Suddenly out of hard drive space? Even if you’re diligent about deleting files and keeping your computer clean, sometimes viruses can consume all of the free space as it becomes available.

How to Prevent Viruses and Malware

you should always be proactive. There are several steps to take in order to prevent viruses and malware, including:

  1. Only Use One Antivirus Program
  2. Automate Virus Scans
  3. Restart Your Computer in Safe Mode
  4. Take Action When Needed
  5. Work with JNJ Technology 

What to Do If You Get a Virus

If you think your computer has been infected, run your antivirus software or restore the computer to an earlier back-up. If you aren’t familiar with how to do that, JNJ’s technicians are happy to assist with problems big or small. If you’re a current client and have a tech problem you can email To learn more about our services and plan options, contact us now!

Overall, awareness and prevention are the most effective means to combat viruses. If your computer does become infected, act quickly to reduce the virus’ potential risks and damages.